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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> just about every night i have looking up as a result of having guns pointed at me. autria: one man's making waves around washington. how fairfax county police are responding. >> it's like solid gasoline. autria: an icon on the vegas strip up in flames.
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what they said turned the pool deck onto a tender box. and a major carrier where carriers are threatening to walk off the jobs and what that means for you. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. abc 7 news. am iraq war veteran challenging the fairfax any police department. he says a simple misunderstanding and it up with him in handcuffs. his story is gaining national traction and roz plater sat down with him and spoke to him tonight. fairfax police are saying this is not so cut and dried? roz: the fairfax county police say a they were responding to a call for service. the veteran is asking why the officers had to respond to guns drawn without asking questions. the story is creating controversy and prompted fairfax county police chief to respond on twitter. >> my risk of violent death went
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up hundred percent that night. roz: sunday morning, june 14, he said he was asleep in the model unit of his alexandria apartment building while his unit was being repaired. a neighbor thought he was a squatter and called the police. he woke up with three fairfax county police officers with guns drawn. >> they swept from the inside with their guns drawn, their bills aimed at me. one of them handcuffed me with my face down. roz: he eventually convince the officers he was supposed to be there and they let him go. he wrote about his experience on social media and an op-ed piece for the washington post. in a surprising move, the fairfax county police chief posted a statement on twitter saying "i can are sure you that no re swap response came from this call for service. the fairfax county police take these remarks seriously and in
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internal affairs investigation is being conducted." the police chief also do not call it a raid, but the iraq war veteran sees it differently. >> i know what a raid is. it is when you are entering a house or building without their knowledge and you seek to apprehend them as quickly as possible. roz: horton says he welcomes the internal affairs investigation but is not expecting much to change. >> if they come back and say, yes, case closed, everything is followed. i expect them to do that rather than have self-criticism. they will not look to see if the book instructions were wrong. roz: nearly a thousand folks have commented. he says he hopes that this will spark a debate and prompt changes. roz plater, abc 7 news. autria: thank you. tonight, the u.s. coast guard is suspending its search for two
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swimmers who went missing in the chesapeake bay. daniel and douglas brown were raped missing at 7:30 last night off of code point playstation -- were reap missing at 7:30 last night off of code point light station. back to the unbelievable video the vegas strip up in flames. this was the scene this afternoon at the world-renowned cosmopolitan hotel, a magnet for the rich and famous. fake trees and a cabana fueling the flames. rebecca cooper is tracking the latest. rebecca: tourists have never seen anything like it, hotel guests running for their lives. as the fire spread people on the vegas strip were running from the burning hotel. it took more than 100 firefighters to battle the quickly moving flames that broke out on the 14th floor of the hotel, on the swimming deck.
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cabanas, pool furniture, and fake palm trees all quickly went up in flames. one eyewitness was watching from the 33rd floor. he said that ash was hitting his window as he watched guests flee the pool deck. he also described what he said sounded like small explosions following the fire. investigators say it is too soon to know the cause of the fire, but initial reports are lingering it -- are linking it to a lit cigarette. remarkably, nobody suffered any burns. the hotel has already reopened. the 14th and 15th floor are still closed indefinitely. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. autria: rebecca, thank you. an arlington family is safe tonight after their home caught fire on washington boulevard. this was just south of clarendon. nobody was hurt and so far they have not said what started the fire.
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people in harpers ferry, west virginia are focused on rebuilding after thursday's devastating fire. flames ripped through the downtown area. 8 businesses were destroyed. today, a townhall strategy session was held with a not so easy question, where to go from here. >> there are going to be some extensive rebuilding and remodeling, hopefully limited demolition. we do not want any 2015 building sticking in the middle of the 1800 structures. autria: monday, business owners and assurance adjusters will be allowed inside of the buildings to try to figure out the cost of the damage. a gorgeous evening outside after a pop-up storms today. looking ahead, yep, there is more rain in the forecast. devon lucie is tracking at all. devon: a little rain at first but that will hold off until overnight sunday into monday at the earliest.
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the belfort furniture weather center, we had three isolated showers. one was in bethesda, going to chevy chase, silver spring college park. you may have gotten that. 90 today, a lot of low 90's. the humidity is way up. the current temperatures, 81 downtown the humidity is way up, 70. the drier days that we have enjoyed, gone. the heat and humidity continue mostly sunday. storms fire up north and west with the next approaching front, bringing the next chance of rain. the next likely is round of showers and storms monday. the biggest aspect of the forecast is the extreme heat and humidity. we will let you know how hot it will get and how long it will last in the complete forecast.
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autria: concerns are growing tonight about crime in d.c. very very violent night last night. last night 20 three-year-old antonio mcallister was shot and killed in southeast. so far, no arrests have been made. this morning, a bullet grazed a woman's head off of benning road in northeast. >> i heard 3, 4 gunshots, then it stopped a second, then there were 7, 8 more. i heard some shouting, i need help, i need help. autria: the woman's injuries are not life-threatening. a police are looking for suspect with the dreadlocks riding a bicycle. there have been 78 homicides in the district so far this year compared with 66 at this time last year. verizon workers are threatened a strike. a contract deadline is looming august 1.
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workers in nine states, including d.c., maryland, and virginia, have voted to strike if the company does not address decreased jens and increased insurance contributions. many company's work for wireline, which provides fixed line wire services and fires internet. a major milestone for the smithsonian. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. autria: in just a few days, the national air and space wheezy him has matched their goal to preserve neil armstrong's spacesuit. the campaign that began monday in just six days has raised more than a half-million dollars they were looking for. the money will be used to digitally preserve and archive the exact suit armstrong wore during the historic apollo 11 moon landing. metro wants to give you a free ride. why they are offering to get you around without a ticket and where it will take you.
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plus, going on record, the new were just coming from hillary clinton about her benghazi e-mails. first, these haunting photos just now being released. the never before seen look, just minutes after 9/11.
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autria: today, a never before seen look inside the white house on one of america's darkest days the national archives releasing these photos taken the day of september 11, 2001. it shows president george w. bush and his team watching and taking in what they were seeing. the photos also show vice president dick cheney and his wife boarding marine 2 heading for camp david. new details or to the background of a killer. the police are looking for a motive for thursday's deadly movie theater shooting in louisiana. i say that he fired more than a dozen rounds. the atf says that he purchased
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the gun legally at an alabama pawnshop last year. in several online rants, he expressed anti-american views. "america is so sick, i now believe it is the enemy of the world." family and friends sing their goodbye to sandra bland. the 28-year-old woman was found hanged in a texas jail cell two weeks ago. that after her arrest following a traffic stop. new dash cam video shows officers standing outside of the police car where blade was sitting in the backseat. they take her out, her down then put her back inside. her death remains under investigation. prosecutors say that she committed suicide. a small town in wisconsin paying its final respects to the marine killed at a recruiting center in chattanooga. the 25-year-old was shot and killed along with three other marines and a sailor. today, his high school held a public visitation.
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governor scott walker canceled campaign stops to attend the visitation and funeral. president obama making history today, becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit kenya. he received a warm welcome and had a chance to reconnect with his late father's kenyan family. later, we dig more into his visit and the tensions when he brought up gay rights with the country's president. new developments tonight hillary clinton promising to set the record straight. she said that she would testify about her benghazi e-mails. she set the date for the testimony for october. she was secretary of state at the time. the question is whether clinton potentially leaked classified information. a u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed. tonight, first lady michelle obama headed to los angeles to help ring in the special
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olympics. 6500 athletes from 155 countries are competing. big-name celebrities will be attending, including avril lavigne, maria shriver and brooklyn decker. big news for anybody heading to an from dulles airport. metro wants to give a free ride celebrating one year of the silver line service. tomorrow and monday only, you can ride the a silver line express bus for free. d.c. mayor muriel bowser inspiring people in the district to get fit. today she took part in a 1.5 mile walk through georgetown. it is part of the fit d.c. wellness initiative, encouraging people to actors and make better lifestyle choices. a picture-perfect day with the weather to get out. mover out a little bit.
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devon: doing a little dance stretching. autria: it is national dance day. devon: it was a good day. a little more humid than we were expecting. we had the showers pop up out of nowhere. we just try to react the best we can. let's talk high temperatures moving ahead in the forecast. it is going to be about the heat and humidity in the forecast tracking storms. 90, could always be worse, misery loves company. little rock and jackson, mississippi, the air temperature high 99, felt like 100 when you took into account the heat index. the next approaching cold front
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overnight into sunday. the next two days, sunday into monday, isolated storms. overnight rain possible with the fitting storms sunday into monday. monday the front fades. that is the next likely is run the scattered showers and storms. the exact same forecast, going into the hiring is forecast. mid 60's tomorrow morning higher humidity. scattered storms northwest during the day tomorrow. washington metro should stay out of the storms, hot and humid 90 lower 90's. they could feel like 95 with the heat index. overnight sunday into monday light showers. the storms will fire in fade. morning rain chances. the front coming through monday should spark more daytime storms, anywhere from midday to the evening. that will be about a 30%, 40%
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chance. 91 monday, could feel like 95. really, the rain sticking and staying to the northwest tomorrow. the storms could weaken and move in monday night. daytime storms more likely monday. look at wednesday, thursday. the actual air temperatures could come close to 100 heat index will be close to 105. when the heat index is forecast 105 or higher, a heat advisory will be issued. autria: lots to look forward to. thank you. gregg perked up when we said it was national dance day. gregg: i will show you some dancing. the nationals try to break out of their slump. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. gregg: you are only as good as your last game. after losing five over their last seven, the nationals were better tonight. top of the fourth against pittsburgh, humans ellis -- gio gonzales off of a.j. burnett. 2-0 nationals. later, michael a. taylor, base hit. lobaton tries to do the same perhaps should have reconsidered. ian desmond. one 1000, two 1000, that was fast. the nationals break out of their slump. >> the struggles he has had, the
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track record speaks for itself. at some point he will see the ball and get hot and dry the baseball. he has recently. gregg: phillies pitcher cole hamels, an out away from a no-hitter. looks like this might be misplayed, the final out -- he caught the ball! no-hitter, perhaps his last game with the phillies. the phillies in last place, pretty good likelihood he will be traded. the orioles looking to break out of their slump in tampa bay. third inning, chris davis, bases-loaded. you cannot score more than that on one 4-0 baltimore. top of the eight, david lough down the first-base line. he keeps running the rays keeps growing. this was a little wide.
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whoops. the orioles break out of their four-game losing streak, 5-1 over tampa. soccer has lots of tournaments other than the world cup. the gold cup, not this year. the third-place game for the u.s. men was a little anti-climatic. facing panama. 70th minute. 1-0 panama, 1-1 on the clint dempsey goal. they go to the unpopular penalty kicks. trying to keep the rally alive for the u.s. the u.s. finishes fourth in the gold club, panama takes third place. tiger woods hosting the quicken loans turn a bit in gainesville, virginia. that starts thursday. at the canadian open, where a canadian has not won in 61 years. david hearns, two shot lead over bubba watson and jason bay going
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into the final round. wnba all-star game, because it is national dance day, here is stephanie golson. remember this move, from the disco days? dancing with the star of the show, the phoenix mercury 6'8" superstar britney. gets te he slam. the seattle seahawks have offered a contract to russell wilson. he is in the final year of his current contract. $1.5 million per season. his new contract will be worth $21 million --for year! -- per year. autria: what? gregg: some extra walking around money. autria: a police standoff caught on camera.
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now it is going viral.
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autria: a ramp returned to the water for the australian champion surfer after a terrifying encounter with a great white shark. he was attacked by the shark on
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live tv. he was not hurt, just shaken. he thought surfing days were done. a week later, he shared this instagram photo. a police standoff now going viral. for all the right reasons. deputies in boulder, colorado, came across a ababy owl was not about to budge. he is only eight months. they went right up and temperatures with the cell phone. the owl startek looking at her. neither woman nor beast were who you looking at?
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